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Troll Song Request Songs!
Crank Dat - Soulja Boy Cover (Cringe Ear Rape)

u trolls better watch out (cringe ear rape)

Ear Rape Playlist:
Reply Here is some shrek ear rape
Ban reason: whiteknighting (Permanent)
Requesting raids on this

This probably has already been posted here, but it's here anyways.
fred fuckstone

this is my earape account I post when I can and all songs are disguised and quitet at beggining
possibly the loudest ear rape out there, sound warning
Justin Bieber - Sorry (Ear Rape) -

let's get right into the news -

Ear Rape playlist:
All Ear Rape Songs.

ocean man:

Rihanna - Work:

Flo Rida - My House:

Ear Rape Playlist:
if anyone remembers "Isis stay out of my swamp" this is for you
Insane Dubstep Earrape:

More Coming Soon
Kevin Gates - 2 Phones (Ear Rape):

chacarron macarron (2009 ultra meme edition):

Ear Rape Playlist:

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