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Trillhook Source (Private CSGO Hack)
This is the source to trillhook.

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probably an ayyware paste but idk. I dont have enough credits yet lol
why am I wasting 8 credits on this? idk im a leacher
(06-01-2018, 07:33 AM)Ayyware Wrote:  probably an ayyware paste but idk. I dont have enough credits yet lol

everything is an ayyware paste/paste in general now in days.. barely anything original.
glad 2 have new ayyyware
Thank thank you youre are the champion

how paste i this pls help me idk
I really love this dude
giving out fake/vac detected stuff
question is this coded in c++, c# or what ? I dont want to spend the credits before i know.
@raidflacs2k i guess its easy enough to "FUD crypt" it and get it un vac banned, not fud crypt persay but change alot around so the signatures are different??? i dont know about game cheats but i imagine there will be some kind of spray signatures and file sigs vac picks up on ??

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