Trap Nation distributing malware.(Hacking,DDOSING,DOXXING)
by 1337み - 11-21-2018, 01:08 PM
The Music YouTuber Trap Nation is a hacker. I expose that he is a member of Hack Forums, had a friend who claimed to call a bomb threat on the CEO of Sony, has Ratted computers and DDOSED people. It is also possible that him and Kerem falsely striked channels and black mailed together although this is unconfirmed.

The main part of the video is that Hekya's channel was shut down as a direct result of Andre linking Hekya to his friend Kerem. Andre and Kerem were good friends and had met in Turkey. Kerem knew the guy in lizard squad who called a bomb threat on the CEO of Sony's plane. Andre is also a member of Hack Forums. The Forums helped him learn to rat and DDOS. Andre botted on Runescape and spread Rats over his old YouTube channel which led to its termination. In theory Trap Nation could be terminated because you can not open a new YouTube channel after a termination but this is quite unlikely to happen.

Andre has been fairly but not fully transparent with me in messages so I will give him props for that. All information in this video was gathered before I began speaking with Andre.

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Old news. This was from a over a year ago.
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