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Toby Turner rape or no rape
It's in the tittle read it and talk
Ofc not, Toby isn't like that. I hate that stupid tumblr feminist with her false allegations like gtfo.
Nice shit thread.

I don't care, I kinda hope he raped someone. It would be pretty kek.
Juvy is toby cunfirmed
No evidence besides clearly faked, screen shotted text messages.

>Implying an open and close case like this even has any other argument than Toby being innocent
"I was raped. Better post a tumblr post."

But yeah, innocent until proven guilty.
it's like the bill cosby rape allegation, it's just sluts and desperate whores wanting fame and attention and some cheap money, it's becoming a meme
Im thinking that it's fake. Just to cause drama.
Well, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

But not in the eyes of feminists.

Fucking scum.
Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
all claims that have been made are allegations.
and she waited 3 years then went to tumblr.

10/10 Def not fake rape claim, totally not fake claim right there ??????????
It's all fucking fake. All of the other girls never said that he used them or raped them at all and that he was nice to them and shit.

It's fucking fake shit like the bashuverse and Sam Pepper shit. All they do is come out and say that they got raped all of those feminists belive them ofc and start drama.

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