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Time to say hello.
Welcome @MrGentleman To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Hello members of the Raid Forums, I am here to enjoy the company of such wonderful individuals such as yourselves. I very much enjoy the raids you have preformed in the past and would love to be a part of any potential raids in the future. If you ever wish to contact me for any reason my inbox is always open. Thank you all and have a pleasant day.
Welcome @MrGentleman To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

I see why your name is MrGentlemen Smile
Anyways, make extra sure to read the rules if you wish your stay to be a long and worthwhile one. Also, make sure to know what bait streamers are, and how to identify one. Troll bait guide should be in the news and rules forum. Happy raidings.
You got a double welcome from @Predator

Let me do better.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.
goddamn this is a gamechanger
You must be special. 2 Times from pred. You must be are 2nd coming of keks. Welcome to the site holy one. Keepo
Whale Cum to rf
Hi there......Wow....Okay then.
Sweet merciful Buddha, not only did you make an entirely unique introduction you got a double welcome from Pred.

You may just convert this forum of assholes into a group of class Kappa

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