by Snoop26 - January 31, 2019 at 12:24 AM
This is some note's I've taken from doing Social engineering now for around a year and half. I know twitch social engineering is pretty much rip, but I'm just using it as an example. This will really work for anything. Here's 5 key important parts of the call that you will be in:

1. The opening line:

For the opening line, make sure that you don't stutter. Stuttering off the bat will make them think the rest of the call is bullshit. Start by saying something

a) "Good evening, this is Twitch support. Can I start by getting for first and last name please?"

b) (If they called you) "Thank you for calling Twitch support my name is <insert name> How may I help you this evening?

c) "Hello you have reached twitch support, my name is <insert name> Can I please get your name?"

Once they give you your name, you can go onto step 2

2. The question

Here is where you want to ask what the "issue" is. Make sure whatever you do, that you make it believable, and straight to the point

Here are some things you could say

a) "Sorry for bothering you this evening, but we have been receiving multiple complaints about your stream having no sound, is this correct? "

b) "Pardon me, but we were getting many notifications that you are having high ping on specific servers of twitch, am I right?"

c) "According to my research, I'm receiving a high amount of comments on your streams quality and performance, are you experiencing people comment this?"

Basically, you're reinstating what you tricked them into thinking earlier on, when you were on the stream, about them getting a lot of lag/ no sound/ low quality. If they say that they aren't, then put them on "hold" while you "research your chat logs" for roughly 20 seconds (Put some shitty hold music on in the meantime (sfw music, it needs to be believable). Once you are done that, read off chat of people saying it, and mention their user names. 

Then go to step 3

3. The big explanation

For this, you are going to explain why the "problem" is there. Throw in some random shit that sounds high tech. Here's examples

a) "The main reason why this is happening is because of some delayed relay hashes on some of the servers that we have. (Name a few random locations in the world) This causes high delay, and therefore high ping.

b) "This is being caused due to our poor suffix relay responses on our servers. Suffex relays are used for a method of audio transmission here at twitch. When we get poor response, very little or no audio comes through."

c) "Your low quality of stream and pixelated appearance is being caused due to high encryption of the delay packets. The more encrypted these delay packets are, the lower the quality is. We encrypt these delay packets for HDCP, or HD copyright protection. However these can become too encrypted resulting in quality loss

If they say something like "I gotta degree in computer sciences" or "that isn't true" or "ive never heard of that before" Just throw something in like "We at twitch have a lot of differnt terms that other streaming and broadcasting services don't have, due to added security, and a closed source code"

Once you're done step 3, go to step 4

4. The Resolution

This is the fun part. You need to explain slowly, but surely how they will eliminate the problem. Be thorough on this, because if you aren't then they won't believe you. You only really need the one option to say

a) "There is, a very quick and easy way to fix this. We need you to go to your Twitch dashboard. Are you aware on how to get there? (if no teach them, means they're a undefined and will most likely fall for it) Alright, then go to stream key. It will say something about Twitch support will never ask you for that. This policy is outdated, and will be updated with twitch's next update. It's because our Skype team is brand new, and still in a beta, actually. Once you have that stream key, can you please send it in the chat? After sending it into the chat, you need to turn off your stream. Keep it off for roughly 10 minutes, so we can overwrite the config files, therefore fixing your issues.

They will probably say something like "Are you sure" just convince them as well as you can. 

If they ask for proof you work for twitch, send them this, saying its the support ticket for this call 4cfdc2e157eefe6facb983b1d557b3a1 (means kek in md5 hash encryption)

5. The End

This is the last and final step. It's the most simple in my opinion. Here's a couple things you could say 

a) Alright, thank you for going offline. Just a reminder to please wait 10 minutes, then you may stream again. Thank you for contacting twitch's new skype team, have a nice day!

b) Everything looks good over here. Now I will overwrite your configuration files. Please wait 10 minutes, then you are free to stream as you wish. Thank you for calling twitch have a good night.

10 helpful hints and tips for Social engineering
1. Make sure not to speak to slow, but don't mumble. Talk at a slightly faster speed than normal. It will make you sound like you know your shit.
2. Don't laugh. If you have to laugh for a second or two, mute your mic. Pinch yourself, it helps.
3. Don't stutter, you sound like a 13 year old who think's he's in lizard squad
4. One thing I find is to not use things like "Can't" and "don't" use "Cannot" and "Do not" You sound more professional
5. Don't be monotone at all. Raise your pitch up and down even more than you do in everyday speech. You sound like you enjoy your job as a Twitch support worker, and are going to be respected more.
6. If you can, talk with the slightest british accent. You sound very professional. I can't sadly 
7. Make sure your voice isn't really squeaky, unless you want to say you're a woman at the start.
8. Have more than 1 person in the call, in case the worst situations happen where you have to leave unexpectedly, or start laughing way too much. Perhaps named Admin, while the other one is "Supervisor" or "Moderator"
9. Have a 4th person in the call named Twitch Call Monitor. It looks legit
10. Have your avatar on skype as this and Set your name to "Twitch Admin ___ or Twitch Supervisor ___ or even Twitch Support ___

Hope maybe you guys learned a thing or two from this. Like I said, stream keys are kinda rip, but still works for other stuff. I just used twitch as an example

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