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Thoughts on me so far?
I have recently hit my first week total online time here. Many of you probably haven't even heard of me. Some may find me to be just a random person. My question is: What are your thoughts on me so far? Anything annoying or what you like?
>plays league
tahts really all i know about you :/
u lurk in hangouts but seem chill i broke my mic so havent been able to chill wit u in a min
I dont see you around often(Shoutbox), but I see you are active in the forums. Smile
I think you interact with the forums and shoutbox a lot.

I love you :^)
Im terrible with names but im sure i've seen you around, you're okay I guess.
I SEEN YOU BEFORE. You're that one person that is totally a Normie. I think you're a swell person. :' )
Ive seen you around like maybe 3 times a week.
You're also active in Forums, Thats good.
you have my kik somehow and you are a cool person to talk to

lurks in hangouts but talks text wise'

not sure if grill but Keepo anyway
I have never seen you before.
(09-08-2015, 03:39 PM)Sem Wrote:  I have never seen you before.

Same, who the hell are you?

Are you grill or trap?

Why do people make their own namethread? Second 1 today...
He (no not a grill) is the most dank person here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I r8 11/9

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