Thoughts on a new method of trolling...
by TheFauxFox - June 11, 2015 at 12:26 AM
We all know about song request trolling... And just about every streamer knows about Moonman, NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA, etc etc....

Why don't we just upload legit songs...but with a twist. No, we're not gonna have the regular song change to something racist/offensive half-way through, we already do that. We need a song that has nothing/low volume white noise coming out of one of the channels. So the twitch streamer (who is inevitably using headphones) will wonder and question why their headset is messed up. I was thinking have the audio go out about 30 seconds into the song and come back after another 5...

Depends who it is. Honestly I think some good ear rape music will do.
Yeah, white noise for about 30 seconds, then this song
Well, if you request songs that have a obvious title and beginning, you are an obvious Rftechpony
^ words to live by *nods sagely*
Tried following your instructions.

How's this?
The only thing that'd trash this method is any other source of sound coming from their programs, but could be pretty funny I guess

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