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Thoughts on a new method of trolling...
We all know about song request trolling... And just about every streamer knows about Moonman, NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA, etc etc....

Why don't we just upload legit songs...but with a twist. No, we're not gonna have the regular song change to something racist/offensive half-way through, we already do that. We need a song that has nothing/low volume white noise coming out of one of the channels. So the twitch streamer (who is inevitably using headphones) will wonder and question why their headset is messed up. I was thinking have the audio go out about 30 seconds into the song and come back after another 5...

Depends who it is. Honestly I think some good ear rape music will do.
Yeah, white noise for about 30 seconds, then this song
Well, if you request songs that have a obvious title and beginning, you are an obvious Rftechpony
^ words to live by *nods sagely*
Tried following your instructions.

How's this?

The only thing that'd trash this method is any other source of sound coming from their programs, but could be pretty funny I guess

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