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Thoughts on Rick & Morty?
A user @rmillien13 posted in his introduction the question "What is Your Favorite show, Game Of Thrones or Rick and Morty", and I just wanted to see what you guys thought of the show Rick and Morty?

hiding my opinion so it encourages you to post Wink

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It's a great show. Wish it was live action though.
(08-02-2017, 10:19 PM)tmland Wrote:  It's a great show. Wish it was live action though.

If it was live that shit would be so god damn lit. Then you also have to think about that fact about flying through dimensions and shit lol
I've never watched either cause I don't watch much TV but I have lots of friends who love both shows.
(08-02-2017, 10:19 PM)tmland Wrote:  It's a great show. Wish it was live action though.

My favorite episode is when they went to a different planet and had a purge lmao
I never really watched it soo
i love the show! takes a few episodes to get going though
I watched an episode and had an impression that it desperately tries to shove forced humour down your throat.

But that's just my humour tastes, I guess. Not my thing.
Amazing show. The only thing I don't like honestly are the voice actors. I feel they're a bit shoddy but that adds to the charm, I suppose
I really enjoy, that they put quality over quantity, it started on 2013, and since then it had 2 seasons (with 11 and 10 episodes), and the third one is running now..
When watching popular series/sitcoms, I feel like sliding through a season, with a few blurry memories, while with Rick and Morty, every episode is kind of special, and unique.
11/10, would recommend to anyone!
Yeah I love ren and stimply
I dont know about the new one tho.

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