Thoughts about the upcoming season of SAO?
by cokerack - June 11, 2020 at 10:44 AM

The last season ended with an unfinished battle so how do you all think things will go on from here?
I'm hoping for Alice to reach the altar and think someone from the aincrad group will die.
sword art online is fucking trash lmfao
I've only played the games, never touched the anime...
let's be real,,,, only the first season was ok the rest was pretty trash lol
cant wait, sao was one of my first anime series xd
looks so freaking good, trailer literally 10/10.

SAO has been apart of my childhood, and even as an adult it hypes me up
I'm honestly not too sure, I want to see what happens with Kirito. And what happens with all the other characters. Season 3 was a bit crap but I am interested.

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