Thoughts about drinking milk.
by ch0colate - April 30, 2021 at 02:08 PM
(April 30, 2021 at 04:33 PM)pacino Wrote: How dare you.

Milk is awesome.

Straight from the teet, you said it. milk IS awesome (for non-lacto intolerant folk)
Lactose intolerant monkey with brittle bones wants to know teh p0wah of Whitey :D :D :D

"Why do humans drink milk if every other mammal stops drinking milk afte after breastfeeding?"

Because (insert animals of your choice here) hasn't mastered raising diary cows and running farms. Get a cat around a cow and they'll suck a teet. Well, let you shoot some of that goooood cow juice in their face.

Your people Op... they never did ANYTHING.
milk is bad for you. Milk gives you cancer, dont drink milk lol
(May 02, 2021 at 01:41 AM)frreemanX Wrote: milk is bad for you. Milk gives you cancer, dont drink milk lol

I think you are right. Milk is just usefull for classy enema porn and gagging.
I imagine a future like in Mad Max where we farm human milk.

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