This IRC channel has a pronoun bot
by Felinman - September 04, 2017 at 04:33 PM
There is a very active IRC channel that has a pronoun bot. With this bot you can submit pronouns, and check other peoples pronouns. The admins get super pissed when you abuse it. The bot is "secretary_helen" or "helen" or some shit like that, to set your pronouns, you need to say

.SetPronouns Re,Tar,Dedself. 

The channel is #site19 in synirc( You must register in order to join. If your too fucking lazy to do that then you can go to their help channel, #site17, however this channel does not have the pronoun bot and it is less active.

The channel is owned by a creative writing website known as the SCP Foundation. As you probably guessed, its full of retarded transhits that get triggered when you don't refer to them as "they". I am not exaggerating either, ALMOST EVERY PERSON in this shitty site is an autistic tranny, like fo' real its ridiculous.

After you tr0ll them, they make a post in their forums about you (takes them about 30 minutes). These post can be found here, usually under "users".

1: Misuse the bot
2: Ask them if they made SCP Containment Breach
3: Make fun of autistic people
4: Tell them you support Trump (VERY funny)
5: Tell them your a men's rights activist 
6: Tell them you don't recognize nonbinary genders.

Look out for an admin named "lily". She is a crazy feminist cummunist. If she is on, target her.

If ur a tard and you don't know how to connect to IRC then tell me and ill help or whatever.

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