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The ultimate guide to being a shitposter
Ok lets firstly get this straight shitposting AINT EASY

I cant tell you how many times i have been on a shitposting streak and then the mods come and delete my thread or posts losing me that sweet post count.


RULE 1). Post nonsense threads/posts related to the subject on the useless boards where you cant really be prosecuted e.g. videos, anime

[Image: z11Yy21.jpg]

I could post in that same thread many times over a period of "cooling off time" and it cant really be considered spam as it is videos in the video section...make full use of this.

RULE 2). Post when the mods are not on and cover your tracks by shoutbox shitposting/others shoutbox shitposting. This also allows you to gravedig

[Image: hb5UIWs.jpg]

They will never know unless they specifically go looking

RULE 3).Reply to every thread ever posted and reply to every reply. That is like 3 or 4 posts a thread that are technically not spam

[Image: gQmugOX.jpg]

RULE 4).Reply with useless posts

[Image: 8TWP7c0.jpg]

RULE 5).Post useless tutorials

[Image: uVYy3hx.jpg]

RULE 6).Spam THE FUCK outta your ban appeals if banned

[Image: 0p0UukL.jpg]
[Image: Q82eZ83.jpg]

RULE 7).Post in the drama alert thread
Theres always new drama

[Image: sfDeGUy.jpg]

RULE 8).If all else fails and you are a shitposting cunt make a leaving thread and spam the fuck outta it

[Image: 1wgwbkc.jpg]

shoutout to fellow shitposters @[GOD] and @coocoolio
wow thats really good
(05-08-2016, 10:07 PM)PapaJohn Wrote:  Thanks for the protips.

No problem friend i am one of the best...if you cant tell i am using rule 4 right now
(05-08-2016, 10:29 PM)Muinu Wrote:  wow thats really good

You are so sweet

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