The most basic website coding tutorial
by MrBr - November 17, 2019 at 05:23 AM
What are websites made of?
Websites are made of source code.
What code does a website use?

  1.  HTML
  2.  CSS
  3.  Javascript
  4.  PHP

What file types are web pages made of?

  1.  .html
  2.  .php
  3.  .asp
  4.  .xml
  5.  et cetera

Since this is only a basic tutorial, we will focus on HTML coding in .html pages.

Basic HTML intro
HTML code mostly uses tags examples being:

Basic tag structure means you have to make an open tag and a closed tag, like so


and the data of the tags is in between, for example

<font size=large></font>

Since this is only a basic tutorial, I will not go into the details of CSS (design), input (posting and login), and dynamic scripting.
Basic HTML Structure
An HTML page, in the most barebones, non-search engine optimized form, is like this:

<title>"TITLE OF THE WEB PAGE"</title>

Notice how each section of the web page has an open tag and a closing tag.

In this scenario, the most often used (at least for me) tags are these:

<font size="size of text" face="font name" color="color of text">Contents</font>
<center>Contents to be aligned in center</center>
<table><tr><td>Table data #1</td><td>Table data#2</td></tr></table>      #see more examples online of HTML tables
<br>Line break<br>
<p>New paragraph</p>
<b>Contents in bold</b>
<i>Contents in italics</i>

Knowing all of this is great for editing your personal blogs such as in Blogspot, when the template maker simply doesn't cut it.

Good luck.
i approve of this tutorial SMILES
Thanks dude for this one.

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