The magic of the RaidNet Deface
by Limitless - September 28, 2015 at 09:54 PM
So the magic of RaidNets Deface came about when i joined yotsuba's TS:

> Little BabyBlender after roasting up some niggers and babys turned on him VPN to join yotsubas TS.
> As he joined he was then accompanied by Tweedler, Coder_M, Mimi, Blood(IDK why they still let him on) and Drcocktor.
>Tweeder said 'hey, are you the real babyBlendeR? please type in RF to prove.
>I quickly halled ass over to SB to type 'tweedler has a nice ass' in chat.
*After about 2 days of talking and me skyping tweedler to rub my stomach sexy like to get into Team Yotsuba. Then tweedler mentioned that Team Yotsuba DNS hijacked it n shit*
>My sexy ass decided of the great idea of getting admin to the site and fucking it up from the inside out >;3
>after convincing ThePancake to give me mod i then proceed to get admin/Dev off him by telling him what sites ive worked on and how much i hate RF(i dont actually hate RF btw i love this shit.)
>i then tried to wait to get FTP n shit by saying ik how to hide the backend ip like RF.
>  i was then greeted by this message [Image: GSIcwaG.png]
>so i thought fuck it and took the deface page hawk made for me and put that shit on the index page with the admin panel.
>30 seconds later i got a message from ThePancake: [Image: M4GJSVo.png]
> i then gave @[VIP] Small @[GOD] ben @[GOD] DrCocktor @[MVP] the admin panel username and password and let them finish up the work.
> that then leaded too.... [Image: 43Wr8hl.png]

broken images, please re-edit this b
(September 28, 2015 at 09:55 PM)D4N彡 Wrote: broken images, please re-edit this b

Fixed it bb
Ayyyyyyy. Good job.
(September 28, 2015 at 10:03 PM)číįʇøâɥC Wrote: Oh I was talking to you and hawk on skype lmao hello

hello kek
nice cancer faggot
>mfw he doesnt include me in the people who got the password to admin cp
(September 28, 2015 at 10:11 PM)Blood Lust Wrote: >mfw he doesnt include me in the people who got the password to admin cp

not worth it
I honestly don't get why you're wasting time with RaidNet lol. It's kinda stupid to be honest, let the kids have their playpen.
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