The food service profession/"dishwashing" is not even worth it
by thelinuxnerd - October 18, 2020 at 09:52 PM
My friend from community college referred me to work at his restaurant when I failed out of community college. I couldnt make it past the math and science in community college. I was originally a technology major. Thats when I found out that the IT field is more about the apprenticeship to the tech support engineer and certifications such as CompTIA and Cisco rather than the degree (for the majority). I knew from day 1 working at this crappy restaurant is not worth it. They started me off on nights working from 4pm-finish (which ended up being until 4am pretty much in the summer months). i had a window to look for a computer job in the fall when the country club restaurant started slowing down. Another issue too with this job is that I live in NY where it gets very very cold in the winter. Nobody is eating outside in the winter. The other issue I had with this job/organization is that it's based on the season. It's very inconsistent. any of the computer jobs are all more consistent than a "dishwasher". I cant even call dishwashing a "job" its that bad. It's so labor intensive/physically demanding and the restaurant gets you on the best nights of the week too. You cant have a life while you dishwash. You work 70-80 hours a week and the overtime in dishwasher is not even worth it. Most people would rather get a solid 40 hours a week at a tech company and get paid more rather than be a dish slave working 60 hours a week and get paid less. I can call dishwashing a form of slavery. That's pretty much what it is. I refuse to work in restaurants and the "dish pit" now. dishwashing has been one of the worst experiences of my life. Plus at this country club the raises there arent even raises. Raises at this restaurant are in cents not dollars. i absolutely refuse to work food service now. "dishwashing" is like being at war. It's miserable.
you have to change your life cmon
If you're not happy with it, change your field of work and find a job in something you'll actually like so it wont feel like working, instead it'll feel like a hobby.
feel how you want feel mate

hi its okat just get washing machine no problemo
Telling you to get a new job in this current climate feels a bit ... out of order, but I do hope that better opportunities come for you in the near future mate.

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