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by Mamaduk2 - October 23, 2019 at 03:29 PM
In my opinion, the perfect investment place.

I thought that after the last failed investment and unsuccessful experience I would never be able to force myself to invest again.
The fact is that I and a few other people tried to make investments on one platform related to tokens. Initially, everything was going well and fast, it seemed that all our fears were in vain. However, when we decided to start withdrawing some of our funds, we had some problems. The error message began to pop up, and the operators began to promise us that all the problems would be fixed soon. In the end, we were simply blacklisted. What is it called?! Neither the courts nor the appeals to various authorities helped us to get our money back.

After a while, my comrades advised me to do Fundamentals. Allegedly, everything there is transparent and honest. I was in a negative mood.
Nevertheless, the Fundamentum platform was able to convince me otherwise.
I was especially worried about withdrawing funds. However, to my surprise, all processes (confirmation of documents and so on) also passed very quickly and competently.

Here you are:

Certainly, initially check of authenticity has borrowed some time, and consequently it was necessary to wait. The fact is that I looked at one object and was afraid that it would become inactive. However, when I saw the whole list of objects.... At any choice.
For today I do not regret that I decided to choose your platform for my investments. Indeed, you are the first ones where everything was fair, open and without any problems!

Today I will recommend you to my other friends.
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Nice ponzi scheme m8
Ah yeah, I'd rather not.
hahahahahaah that is so bull
(October 25, 2019 at 09:59 AM)CombatLogs Wrote: new user, 1 post, 1 thread


what is kek
what is the purpose of this thread?
I was peacefully searching for pots but nope; i had to be interupted
aha...its pretty hard to take any of this seriously when they're called "Fundamentum" >.<
Someday everything will make perfect intelligence. So, for now, laugh at the mistake, smile through the tears, and keep repeating yourself that all happens for a motive.

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(October 25, 2019 at 09:59 AM)CombatLogs Wrote: new user, 1 post, 1 thread


Yes look like very legit...
hmm.... what? seems legit xD

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