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The best language to start with ?
I think you should learn Python. It's a good first programming language. Python is simple and you can easily understand it
Python is usually the easiest. Java is harder as it s OOP
depends on what you want to program.
I personnally started with C, so I recommend it as you learn how a computer works.
Later, you can definitely try Python because it is easy and powerful at the same time
I'd suggest learning JavaScript or Python.Search them up
As long as you start with an easy language like PHP or Python or Perl it really doesn't matter.
Python was pretty easy to pick up and learn.
Plus one for python. Easy for basics, high level, and lots of interactive places to learn it (e.g. codecademy)
Python would be a good one. I would also recommend C# after that, especially considering how many jobs there are for it.
Adding my voice to the choir by saying python. Do an online course and then look up project euler and take a stab at a bunch of exercises
learn an uhh scripting language to learn function formatting, i like uuh perl, but python is usually the go to
the meta so to speak is python
python for easy entry, javascript for something a little harder but you always need to keep up with.

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