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The best language to start with ?
as the title says i want your opinions on the best programming language to start with
I suggest learning Python
I think it is no difference which language you will start with. It depends on which you want to achieve and what kind of programming you will do.
I started to write code in php 15 years ago, learned basics of programming, and progressing till now. Since then I tried many languages, now I prefer functional programming, mainly write Elixir code now, and happy with it.

I could suggest to start with Ruby or Python, since they has simple syntax, good communities and large codebase - anything could be achieved in Ruby using gems, just require it to your Gemfile.
I suggest learning javascript, you can use it with browser in html and you can use as script with nodejs.
Python is good but I don't like the syntax.
Ruby is almost dead, I'd suggest Python because its really easy compared to other languages, after learning python you could learn Java or C#, also you could do all sort of stuff with Python i.e. {ML} machine learning and much more cool stuff. In the end its up to you what you want to achieve if it's WebDev you need php and simple html you could do python but php is way more easier for WebDev, if you are working with data and science stuff you could do Python but again Python is almost for anything.
It depends what you want to do afterwards if you like to code websites you have to know php or if you want to code games i would suggest c#
As others may have said I would recommend Python, they have quite an easy syntax. Then moving on depending on what you want to do
As a ruby developer, I say "its Ruby!"
Ruby is like phyton, but faster and the code it freakin elegant
Depends on what you want to do, personally I started with C++, its a hard language but you will learn the inner workings of a computer, can be a good bet
Dude, just start with Python. A big world will open up to you and you can start working for real money without stress.
If you're serious about developing a career in software engineering, Scheme with the right book may be a good idea. Otherwise, I would recommend Python for relatively immediate gratification or Java (which is statically typed) for larger projects.
any language, as long as you have logical thinking, start with python is a good idea, it's simple, not OOP language (start with OOP language is not good Smile )

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