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The You're Fucked Games : Fallout Online Reloaded Contest
Q : What is this about?
A : Try to play this game with your fellow RF users.

Q : Is it a virus?
A : I fucking play it all the time, why would it be.

Q : What is in it for us?
A : You will be on a website that shows you can play games.

Q : Sign me up!
A : This isn't automated, It is a game. If you loose, it is Permadeath, you either win or loose.

Q : Where do I go?
A : To the hub. Learn the game on your own.

Q : How much space does it take?
A : Barely anything, its made in an old game engine.


1. Anything goes. 
2. Be honest.
3. Use RF in your username.
4. Don't look up how to play, except for the combat and HUD.
5. You die, you loose.
6. You cannot stay in one place to win. If this is found out, you are Disqualified.
7. Dying in a random encounter DOES count as a disqualification.


Step 0. Enter This Hangout

Step 1. Install this game

Step 2. Make Your Char (Register) [Needs To Have RF In The Name]

Step 3. Meet At The Hub

EDIT : Nvm nobody likes games

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