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The True Story Of A Brave Pony-Techpony11 inecont pony who did nothing wrong got ban
(05-10-2015, 06:40 PM)techpony11 Wrote:  teh story begins with kappa,it was spammed,teh mods did nothig at first,but..the...BANHAMMER has risen,and inecont
kekers who wernt spamming had got banned,i politly asked to be unbanned,(being the kind pony gentleman i am),and had been unbanned for being a good fuckboy,and was given "kingfuckboy",it felt gr8,moar spam was cummmming,and teh mods were getting butthurt,scared or were baing nice beacause banning is mean,which was most of the mods as rf mods are nice,not topkek,he is a jew.
and so spam contined,i did nothing wrong,i posted a image,and felt a feel of satisfaction,later,i was scarred,so i asked if  i could post a image without getting banned,the kind mod accepted what i had to say,so i posted le image,..."lol m8 ur gettin banned" a mod shouted to me,"wut" i said,and asked for cp but i was rejected cp and was banned from shoutbox...true story m8s

i hope you enjoy this story,its true and is kek,pls ty[Image: T22bDpm.png]pe 123 and comment unban techpony if u wunt me to cum bak m8

Reputation -380 wow

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