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The Raid Forums awards- 1 year anniversary edition!
Banned User Who Most Deserved It @Memestar

Best Hacker @techpony11

Best Staff Member @[GOD] OsamaAkbar911Jew Kappa , really @Sem (btw thanks for everybody who thinks that im the best staff Heart)

Biggest Ban Evader @[VIP] Small

Biggest Lurker @maxwasson2

Biggest Newfag @FaZe

Biggest Oldfag @Omnipotent

Biggest Skid @Sydine15

Biggest Weeaboo @[MVP] Miira

Coolest User eh edgy question but @[MVP] cuz his dank af name

Cutest Gril @rxsie Kappa

Edgiest User @[VIP] 400Yonkers彡

Gayest User @Sibez jk ily @Growl

Most Aesthetic User @[MVP]

Most Autistic User @ItzRuxy for posting IP logger then telling me that he was trying to show what it looked like

Most Cancerous User @♕ Ḇ4ŠḔḎ Ḡ☮Ḏ 彡

Most Likely To Become Administrator @[GOD] OsamaAkbar911Jew Kappa , @[VIP] mikehunt_hurtz

Most Popular User @rawr

Sexiest User @[GOD] DrCocktor

Worst Staff Member @[GOD] BasedLumi
Nominations end at 6:30EST! GET YOUR NOMINATIONS IN!
wow sibez you nominate me for that
mfw i didnt get nominated
Banned User Who Most Deserved It: @[VIP] Small

Best Hacker: @[VIP] Cridet

Best Staff Member: @[GOD] Gaz

Biggest Ban Evader: @[GOD] DrCocktor

Biggest Lurker: @Omniscent

Biggest Newfag: @rawr

Biggest Oldfag: @ (?)

Biggest Skid: @MLgesus420

Biggest Weeaboo: @"Star Butterfly"

Coolest User: @[VIP] Asuka

Cutest Gril: @rawr (when not being tumblrfluid) \ @[XXX] Coow (with makeup on Kappa)

Edgiest User: @[MVP]

Gayest User: @itsnotqwerty

Most Aesthetic User: @[MVP]

Most Autistic User: @[GOD] Muinu

Most Cancerous User: @400yonkers

Most Likely To Become Administrator: @[MVP] , @[GOD] Gaz, @[VIP] mikehunt_hurtz

Most Popular User: @Celaeon

Sexiest User: @rxsie(5/10)

Worst Staff Member: @[GOD] ThePancake / @[VIP] Small
why is everyone voting me for cancer

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