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The Pear Posse- The Next generation of Raiding
[Image: 1419080800005]
"I eat pears now and shit like that. Shoutout to all the pear" - Rick Ross

Guess what? We eat pears too. Welcome to the pear posse.

We need members to join our adventure to end all autists playing roblox and minecraft!

So, what is the pear posse?

Glad you asked! We are a new and emerging raiding team. We are focusing mainly on getting stream keys, song requests, and possibly trolling stupid kids into fucking their shit up. If you want to help our adventure to save Twitch from retards, come join us.

What are the requirements?

Honestly we are pretty chill with requirements. Just make sure you are 14+, have a mic and be useful. We don't want little script kiddies using LOIC thinking they are fucking shit up.

What spots are currently open?

Well, at the moment it's just me and a friend who isn't honestly that active. We are looking for people who can code for a website, which would be awesome if we could get some day (Im too much of a skid to code), and also some more social engineers.

How do I join?

You can reply below letting me know if you're interested. I'll PM you some information and give you more instructions, but usually we just interview you for around 10 minutes or so, make sure that you will be a help, and you're then on your way to becoming a pear.

See you around!


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