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The Oscars (USA) Who's watching>
Who's watching the oscars and which actress would you want to bang the most?
I don't, cause Oscar movies almost always drama crap.
Already got enough drama in my life without watching that shit.
I don't really watch TV. Oscars are fucking boring and the shit how nominees (money talks) get chosen is whack. Pure garbage like me.
I don't really watch TV. Oscars are fucking boring and that's it
Ban reason: Leeching. (Permanent)
I also do not look like this, it's terribly boring
Ban reason: Breaking Rule 15; Redistributing Hidden Content. (Permanent)
I used to watch the Oscars,but now it turned into films about patriotic games and films that propagate worldly interesting topics and events
great award show always fun to watch
Like every year this was just one big disappointment.

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