The New Advanced Form Of Raiding
by ThMauler - 11-26-2018, 07:30 PM

You read correctly. What I am about to show you, the knowledge that I am about to bestow upon you was handed to me straight from Jesus himself.

Jesus, my friends, Jesus. He has decided that we as a human race are ready to go above and beyond our capabilities, ready to rise up and take charge, ready to evolve. 

Without further ado, this new form of raiding...

DM All: A simple Bot Command that instantly direct messages every single member in the server, bypassing all restrictions set inside of the actual channels, and notifying them, forcing them to leave or until they ban you

My friends, those might seem like big faults but in reality it is a strength. Just don't allow the use of only 1 account. Multiple accounts, DMing at the same time to everybody but the mods and people in charge. It will only delay the ban, but the effect will be monstrous, seeing as the only thing the servers can do about it is apply an anti VPN thing or manually verify, which can all be solved with a little social engineering

This is what Jesus wanted. This is why Jesus exists. We must raid. Using this method. Construct your bots, I will work on mine, and use this new feature

Don't let Jesus down. 

If you don't use this method, you are a Muslim
Would be interesting if there were less Jesus involved.
(12-03-2018, 01:04 PM)HassaMassa Wrote: Would be interesting if there were less Jesus involved.

fucking atheist

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