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The History of Raiding
The history of raiding is very expansive
Many Paleolithic cave paintings depict the act of raiding
The Romans began some of the first historically recorded raiding with the raiding of the great Colosseum by dressing in purple and standing in the shape of a swastika they also raided numerous chat rooms with Portcullis Giveaways
Eventually the Vikings began raiding Wessex and North Umbria for CSGO Skins but then their leader Ragnar Swagbrok got thrown into a pit of snakes and got rekt
Then the Byzantines created the first Raiding Forums which remained unddosed for about a thousand years before being ddosed by the ottomans
Next Feudal Europe began to raid with specific ranks, at the bottom were Newfag Peasants, then Member Knights, then The Baron Mods, then The Lord Admins, then King SummiT III who is great great great great great great great great great great grandfather of SummiT the current owner of Raid Forums
The age of enlightenment brought many new innovations in raiding including the IP logger, Skype Resolver, and IP Booter
After Britain got rekt by America the Constitution of Raid Forums was signed
After the formation of America a civil raid broke out and Raid Forums and Toucans fought over the nation's rare pepes, Toucans got rekt
Eventually the Great War broke out and raiding began to include the use of trench raiding and the use of chemical weapons
Germany got rekt and got permanently banned from Raid Forums
Eventually they got unbanned because they donated a bunch of bit coins to SummiT
Then World War II started when Hitler began Raiding Poland and Czechoslovakia
He started to raid the Jews but then the Russians led by Vladimir Putin came and Hitler became an hero
Then two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan killing Celaeon but since Celaeon is Jesus he came back to life after three days
Then the Negroes all wanted mod even though president Moonman clearly told them to go back to the cotton fields, eventually Moonman and the Negroes came up with an agreement where the Negroes could have mod as long as their future generations worked at McDonald's
The biggest raid of all time took place on September 11th 2001 when Osama Bin Laden and President George Bush conspired with the Jews to raid the World Trade Center with two commercial airliners, they killed 2,753 people making it the second biggest raid of all time after the holocaust
Then some sand niggers got raided and got mad and made ISIS
Then in March 2015 The Raid Forums was created and Raiding was brought into a new age of prosperity
Can vouch for this, 100% TRUTH!

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