The End of Evangelion
by bootyman42221121 - January 22, 2020 at 09:50 PM
I find it kinda funny how I get myself to watch an anime. I've only watched 3 in my life and all of them are for really dumb reasons.
I began watching Sakurasou because Shiina was my avatar for half a year, and I decided to finally see how good the actual anime was. I loved it
I watched Blend S because of all the memes, and it was alright
and now I watched Evangelion finally because of a smash bros video that played the song "Komm, Susser Tod"

Have you guys watched Evangelion? if so, what are your thoughts?
Not a weeb not a big fan of anime I can understand why people do like it tho.
Have watched evangelion to ep 13 now if finding it enjoyable it's the first mecha since darling in the franxx that I've enjoyed
To put it briefly, I feel the brilliant cinematography and design, combined with incredible characters and story telling, as well as the completely absurd and bizarre nature of the show make it something truly unique in not just anime but in TV and Cinema.
Evangelion is a masterpiece that will never be re-created.
it's a epic story, wonderful manga and anime too
evangelion is one of the best anime that has ever been made
if someone didn't watch it yet, go for it now
Evangelion is one of the best anime. It is a legend in anime history.

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