The DarkWeb Newbies
by pamperry196 - 11-29-2018, 11:50 AM
Hello Guys,

So am kinda new on this forum and after browsing through i saw some very interesting stuff which has made this forum a go to for almost everything i need from Tutorials to Leaks. I have been playing on darkweb for sometime now and i have decided to share my experience with you guys, am hoping it will be helpful and will break them up in parts because i cant spew everything here in just a day.

A lot of newbies spend so much cash on darkweb markets and get nothing out of it, from my experience, if u are a newbie dont start with the the markets like dream and the rest u will get ripped, u will lose money, u will buy products u cant even use. Dont start by wasting money on cvv, bank logs etc and if you want tutorial never buy on the darkweb market, 99% of the tutorials you find on the darkweb markets are free on forums like and i will recommend this forum to be the best go to for tutorials, data and all info u need apart from payment systems which is not offered here for security reasons.

I found a hefty amount of tutorials, tools and accounts for sale for big bucks on darkweb market given for free here on raidforums and if even for sale you will pay just about 20% of what it being sold for on the darkweb markets. I have seen lots of them here and wish i can give examples but not sure if am allowed to do so, the database Omnipotent offer for just 8 credit here is sold for over $10 on darkweb markets, VPNs that are free here is soldĀ  there for $5 and i realized most of the sellers buy from raidforums and resell there some even copy the freebies given here and they sell it there so if you are a newbie dont jump on the darkweb markets and waste money, buy credits on raidforums and get the premium tutorials, accounts and databases and thank me later.

I will talk about make money quick lessons/tutorials sold so much expensive on darkwebs on a full topic in my next post so watch out for it thanks and hope this was helpful
True! The point system is great, and honest, plus there is a nice community behind the forum

Welcome Dude
The point system prevents leeching, but it gets really annoying with some time.
Hello new here maybe a lil lost too
@Ralir honestly i think the point system is the best way to run the forum it can be annoying for some but remember it always quality over quantity anyday
Welcome my manny dog
Welcome to the forums. Check rules here: before you go

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