Tesla Truck
by bobberto123 - 11-18-2017, 08:03 PM
Really hope this takes off especially for city deliveries. Giant diesel trucks reving up after every red light or stop sign are just so damn loud!
looks dope imo would buy if i had the money lol
its a cool concept imo
but elon didnt mention the price so i cant judge if it will be a sucess or not
we'll have to see i guess
It looks cool. I'm all for saving the environment. People will be worried about ROI (return on investment).
pepsi gave tesla a big chance
That's a really nice piece. Little bot afraid to cross this thin on the road
It looks sick imo but I really dont know anything about it
A GIANT brewery also bought 40 Tesla trucks! Not too much imho, but this gains them a lot of publicity traction!
that's cool,like it

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