Terrible dream
by shaot0020 - November 26, 2019 at 07:15 AM
Do you dream a lot? What kind of dreams do you find most frightening
i had a dream where i took a shit but actually it was real and i took a fat turd in my bed
I hate it when something makes you jump in a dream and you actually do it IRL
recently I dream a lot and usually I have bunch of things to do in my dreams - I always go somewhere, something's always needs to be done, I have weird dreams
nothing very frightening
thank god
I had my dreams repressed over the last few years coz I was smoking weed everyday, after dropped the habit, i had a surge of experiences. Nothing overly analogous.
Usually something anxiety ridden that leaves me feeling exhausted.
I used to have a recurring dream that a dog was barking at me through my letterbox. Seemed scarier at the time.
Thankfully  I don't really have bad dreams that often.
I suck at remembering dreams. Once I wake up, they're gone. I'm jealous of you guys
A few nights ago, I saw a girl in my dreams... She was sooo pretty, that when I woke up I was really frightened because no real woman could compare to that girl and that got me really depressed... Bella ciao!
I usually dont have dreams, but when i have they´re weird af
i smok a lot of weed and i have a lot of dreams

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