Poll: Whatsapp or Telegram?
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Telegram or Whatsapp?
I only use Telegram, I like it
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All my homies using WhatsApp so I'm stuck using it :( no particular preference
Telegram is way better than WhatsApp in my opinion
(03-20-2018, 08:01 PM)Smoke Wrote:  Telegram is way better than WhatsApp in my opinion

Your pfp be hector the snitch doe lmfao.
whatsapp is the best . I think!
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I prefer Whatsapp because all my friends are on it
Whatsapp seems to be the more common app that people use.
I don't use either, I text or snapchat
Why text when you could *text for free!*

Isn't Snapchat quite a inferior platform for an online texting conversation-thing?
lol im suprised i only use/recommend signal, not telegram or whatsapp...
I wish I could have used Telegram, but everyone around me uses Whatsapp so i'm forced to use it too.
I use Whatsapp cause it's more popular, but i like telegram

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