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Team StreamKey
Hello, my name is Xplorer, also known as Xploiter on TwitchTV. I have been a senior member of a teams such as Team Sir Klan and Team Kaede awhile back. 
I'm starting a new team today called Team StreamKey, which is solely dedicated to Hijacking Streams. 

There are a few requirements to join the team which are:

-You must have basic knowledge of how to Hijack a Stream (pretend to be Twitch Support)

-You are not allowed to be apart of other teams.

-Do NOT DDOS a Stream we are raiding without permission.

-You must have a VPN on when raiding (no exceptions, pretty self explanatory) 

-This rule is also self explanatory, but NO SWATTING, EVER.

-Last but not least, you must have a Skype account. There is  ABSOLUTELY no exceptions.

-Even though you can't Swat, you can still send Pizza/Hookers/Escorts with permission.


Now that all of that is out of the way, you must fill out this application:

http://*do not use url shorteners*/forms/8xq7F54slL

I will get your response and add you on Skype so I can confirm your membership.
If you were on those teams then why didn't you stay

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