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Team Stalina
Welcome to Team Stalina.

Basic Information

#teamstalina has been extremely succsessful ever since we banded, June 25th, 2015. The two leader consist of me, Gavrilo, and my friend, Toucan. We are both experienced raiders, and know good methods how to successfuly raid someone. We are looking for members everyday, and plan to keep this team active.

Why Stalina? Who is Stalina?

My Friend, Toucan and I admire Stalin, and though we'd raid kids in the name of Stalina.

Leaders: Gavrilo(me) & Toucan

Members:(updated June 27): Gavrilo, Toucan

What We're looking for

For membership, we'd strongly prefer people w/ experience, it's not a requirement, but it's our preference. We also want other people w/ diffrent timezones, to try get content released on every timezone.

How to Join

If you wish to join us, please add this Steam account.

Rules on Raiding.

Really, the only thing we prohibit is Swatting, that & posting personal information out into the chat.

(will add more when I get the time)
I didn't know it was that easy to join. When I tried to join you asked me a bunch of shit questions about communism.

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