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Team Moonanâ„¢ Official Thread
 Team Moonman™

If anyone has seen our raids, we have hijacked about 5-6 streams, and fucked up two individuals PCs/Macs.

If anyone would be interested in Joining, please read below:


-You must have a mic.

-You be an MLG PR0FESHINL at Social Engineering (Pretending to be Twitch Support, ect.)

-You must Respect Everyone who is apart of Team Moonman.

-You must have a Skype account, no exceptions.


Team Moonman Banner:



-How long have you been raiding?

-Why do you want to join Team Moonman?

-Have you ever have been involved in any stream hijacks before?

-What can you Bring to the Team?

-Leave your Skype name so I can contact you.

Thanks and have fun m80s
a team with this same name used to exist back in the day
Respond here, not in PM's please.
Are jew guys still accepting applications? kek
How long have I been raiding? 2-3 months
Why do I want to join? I'd like to edit video and for my daily dose of topkek.
Have you ever have been involved in any stream hijacks before?
Yes, convinced many children to shoe stream key.
What can i bring to the team? 1. Video editing (proof of dankness: ) 2. I sound 13 although i am 16 and many people trust me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
my skype - rip in ddos Newfags - pm me for it.

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