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Team KekArmyâ„¢
Team KekArmyâ„¢
High Quality Keks

Team Leader Nikolo
Co-Leader James Fitz

All Announcement will be made in the Official Skype Group until our team becomes official.

Recruitment is closed for now 15/15 Members

Team KekArmyâ„¢ will be raiding along with Team Rainbow Dick it is an initiative by both the teams.

Team Rules which are essential and important for all the team members to go through
Team Rules

Team Roster [Finalized for this year]
Current Team Roster

Team Website[Coming soon]          Team Twitter                             Team YouTube        
KekArmy                     Twitter                  YouTube

Total Members [ATM]
17/15 +1[Reserved]

[Image: 19e8a8e013c099aed9de8a6b3fd0ee3e.jpg]
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
Sent a request Heart
Sent a request.
Accepted both of you Smile
sent an request also
(05-16-2015, 11:39 PM)bobbyhill18 Wrote:  sent an request also

Accepted Smile Welcome Aboard 
Post Updated for 17/5/2015
Hope to see some good raids from Team KekArmy.

Good luck m8.
Alright, I filled out the application slot for reserved members. Thanks!
I will review it thank you Smile
Post Updated for 21/5/2015

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