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Team KappaRaids.
At KappaRaids We spam  Kappa in to song request songs that are kids. We currently only have one video on are channel but
we will make more videos in the future. and we hope to have more members .

What we do

1. We request the song Raise your kappa 

2. When the part of the song says Kappa,Kappa,Kappa, playes We spam the emoji  Kappa  Kappa  Kappa  Kappa   

3. Streamer Freaks the fuk out of all of the spam

4. We spam kek,ayy lmao,ayy,ect

5. .......PROFIT

Member list

Trollmad3 :Owner

Application to join (example)

1. How long have you been raiding on twitch?

2. What can you do with the team?

3. Why do you wanna join?

4. Steam (to contact) (we dont use skype beacuse there is skype resolvers)

Youtube : KappaRaids

Videos (only 1 so far)


We hope to have more in the future.

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