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Team EarPlugs
Hey everyone, It's Nicki aka Jennywhite. I was wondering if anyone would like to create a team for raids. I'm thinking about the name EarPlugs because of ear rape, but I'm not sure. The few people to join the team early on will have more power in changing name etc. The application will be here. You can post it here, I'm not asking for skype.

Core Members

Able to remix songs, yes or no?
How long have you been raiding?
Fave ear rape?
Hello, my name is Farlander. My name in J3ws_Did_911 and i was searching for a team. I'm really new in (7/4).
Well, that's all. I just wanna join the group. Smile
Post updated, Hawk and Farlander added to founders list.

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