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Team Duck | Kid Destroys Laptop!
Hey guys! It's another Team Duck post here! A couple nights ago we raided 3 streams (All coming out with vids of their own on our official Youtube channel). On one of the raids the kid was stupid enough to wrap his laptop keyboard in aluminum foil and mix water and oil on top of it. I told him to keep it sitting for 15 min. After 15 min I told him to flip the foil on the keyboard and press down really hard. I shit you not he actually did it. Then I told him to dump the rest of the oil on the laptop. After he did it for a second I thought he was fucking with me. But then his webcam froze and he went offline. I got a message like 10 min later reading "The oil's coming out of the sides now" and so on. I'll put the pics up on here so you can see the messages. The videos are being edited right now and should be up no later than Saturday. Oh and also I'll post the pic up on here of the kid holding up a Team Duck sign. I told him I was apart of a Tech Support team and that I had to keep logs of the people I helped xD.


Youtube Channel:

Vids or didn't happen kappa
What is the YouTube channel? I will sub and be looking forward to that video on Saturday.

Keep up the great raids.
(05-12-2015, 10:54 PM)Raid459 Wrote:  Vids or didn't happen kappa

Right now we're waiting for the images approval by a mod
(05-12-2015, 10:54 PM)Sem Wrote:  What is the YouTube channel?  I will sub and be looking forward to that video on Saturday.

Keep up the great raids.

The Post was updated with our YT channel and out Twitter! Thanks for the feed back! Right now we're trying to become official! So make sure you go check out our app!

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