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Team Dox Applications
I am creating a new team named "Team Dox". This team will solely focus on doxing anybody us or anybody else wants us to dox. I've been doxing for a few months now and I've been successful in most of my doxes. Well now to the application.

What experience do you have in doxing? (Sites, Tools, Social Engineering etc.):

How long have you been doxing for?:

How many people have you doxed? (Estimate and or pastebin links):

How old are you?:

What is the most information you have doxed out of somebody? (Lowest Information - Usernames, Profiles etc. Highest Information - Address's, Name, Phone Number etc.):

Copy the application format into a reply and fill out the questions.

Good Luck Smile
(04-24-2015, 10:47 PM)FR0ST Wrote:  K, i wouldn't think someone would mess up this badly.

YOU'RE IN THE WRONG SECTION, Post this application for JOINING a team in the unofficial teams forum section

SHHHHHH dont tell them
autism levels are to damn high
You are probably starting this so you can learn to dox
Wrong Section

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