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Team Cyka
[Image: GksVaVm.png]

TEAM NAME: Team Cyka

TEAM LEADERS USERNAME: SuperiorWhiteMan & Luna

RECORDED RAIDS: Not recorded but i have proof.
[Image: wODA1YQ.png][Image: W5992it.jpg] [Image: utZ16Oo.png]

(That one picture was taken by another member of the team that could not use his PC at that time.)


How to apply?

1) RF Username.

2) How you could benefit the raids.

3) Age.

4) Able to Skype the victim and be able to convince them that you are a 'legit' admin/mod etc.

5) Are you able to stream on there channel using there stream key?

6) Can you pretend to be a Twitch admin?

7) Can you run your own sub-team? (Aka if you wish to raid with your friends under Team Cyka's name).

Please post all applications here.
1. kompiz

2. Well i would love to work as the raider/cameraman for Cyka, editor, uploader. I spend alot of time on my spare time to edit videos, i use the programs, AE, Vegas 12, PS 5.

3. 17

4. I'm from Sweden, and i'm experienced with the English language. However i'm not really good at convincing people thru my voice sorry... Sad

5. Well i'm not really familiar with the different twitch overtaking techniques but i'd love to learn them. Well to stream on their twitch from my computer all i need is xsplit and their stream key right? Wink)

6. Oh yeah fake-nicking is something i've done many times...

7. Well sure, but i guess i'll only perform small raids like overtaking their twitch technique as i mentioned earlier... I also believe that i have friends that would love to perform this raids with me Smile

Best Regardz kompiz
New successful raid on

[Image: TAeydzA.png]
[Image: W5992it.jpg]

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