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Team CounterIntelligence
Team CounterIntelligence
Here we raid dox swat hack do anything that causes havoc and stops the enemy from stealing our data, Looking for Bandicam Users, 000webhost Hackers, And twitch chat spammers
App is as follows
name age join date recruitment role why r you fit for my team
let me in
Ban reason: Posting ip logger in sb. (Permanent)
(02-19-2016, 04:14 AM)coocoolio Wrote:  let me in

Welcome in
name: DeadNiggersFTW

join date: 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 7 Hours, 41 Minutes, 51 Seconds

role and reason i would fit in: if you would let me i could be part of the prank calling squad and raiding squad and i woulld fit in cause im get along well with other people and i hate niggers
I can Twitch spam, if there is something you want me to spam just let me know.
May I join? i am pretty good at doxing!
(02-19-2016, 04:18 AM)Waifu_Chan Wrote:  >swat
Fucking dropped.

im pretty sure this is also a purge day alliance
Ban reason: Posting ip logger in sb. (Permanent)
whats bandicam?

anyways you should let me in because im good at buying tmod
join date:Joined: 08-30-2015 ssorry
name xxXmlgw33dsm0k3rXxx age 9 1/2 join date yesterday recruitment role swater why r you fit for my team coz i am a hacking g0d
Name: CowHax
Age: 17
Join Date: Welp a few days ago. But I had experience in the past with similar things to raiding.
Recruitment Role: I can SE, DDOS and spam in the chat
Why am I fit? I'm very tech savvy, knows my way around python and ruby, exploits aren't new to me and I can use RAT's. I also just enjoy raiding and have lots of free time left.

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