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Team Black Panther
So ya this is a team for all of my fellow black panthers out there, i wanted to make a team on the other forums but unfortunately i never had the time, nor was i able to because it shut down.

So here are a few requirements for people who want to join:

1) Have a skype account, this is very important if you want to pose as a twitch support in order to claim their stream key.
2) Get a VPN, this might sound like a stupid one, but twitch has recently been cracking down on trolls, you will get IP banned if you don't use a VPN, and then every little thing will become more complicated and irritating. I recommend using Hola, or if you want to pay / banned on every IP on Hola, use HMA!
3) If a stream is claimed post up a picture of the black panthers, which I will include at the bottom of the page, as well as an array of black panther logos and propaganda which you can Google
4) Dont ruin the raids for others, its just so pointless and irritating ie. System32 isnt a virus its a key part to your computer
5) Also when you have claimed a stream start playing a bunch of Martin Luther King videos; here are some examples,, and then move onto meatspin or whatever takes your fancy.
6) Power to the people

If you want to apply post on this thread why you feel you would be a good member of the black panthers

[Image: 2GSTEAU.jpg]

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