Talking about RF dying for attention
"omgee rf is dying"

shut the fuck up. Stop stating the obvious

legit nearly every fucking thread here is "The revival of RF" just shut up and do something. You don't need to make a thread about a long, drawn out process, of something that will probably not work out in the end.

Stop begging for attention.
were gonna get a 5k youtuber to save our nigger ass
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rf is dying tbh, we should revive it
(04-19-2016, 01:22 AM)coocoolio Wrote:  
were gonna get a 5k youtuber to save our nigger ass

Contact him. Don't make a thread asking about it. Just contact him

"omg i have a raiding video. SHould I post it???????"

you see how retarded you sound
van ur just mad because your a nulledfag and you don't have mod anymore and lost all you shekels to buy it again with jk ily Kappa
gay men draw vaginas
Personally I don't have the time to go out of my way to talk to him and shit. Someone else is probably better at it than me anyways. Regardless I wasn't talking about it. I asked for others to contact him, since I have other things to do (EX: Exams). Anyhow Pred_ is onboard with the idea, so go ahead and talk down on something that might help out. I just wanted to the make the notice public.
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Toby Turner did nothing wrong.
true Kappa we need to kill all jews
People shitposting smh

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