Tailored Brazil Combolist
by stackerofwheat - December 31, 2020 at 06:03 AM
thanks fors haring dude
Thank you very much for the contribution my dear.
Thank you for sharing that
thanks for sharing mate, you are being really helpful.
thank you so much my friend good job
Thanks a lot for the combo list bro
(December 31, 2020 at 06:03 AM)stackerofwheat Wrote: [Hidden Content]

I sorted through a bunch of databases to make this list of Brazilian email:pass combos. I compiled it from two types of sources. First I took large DB leaks that were likely to have a lot of global representation and extracted all emails ending in .br along with all emails from globo.com, uol.com, and bol.com. I then added all combos from known Brazilian dumps. See lists below for exact sources. 

You can extract passwords and convert the combolist to a wordlist with the following command ----> cut -d ':' -f 2 combolist.txt  > wordlist.txt 

Total Lines: 16,626,313

.br Emails Sourced From: 
- 8tracks
- Badoo
- Canva
- Dropbox
- Dubsmash
- Eyeem
- Houzz
- LastFM
- Linkedin
- Livejournal
- MyFitnessPal
- Poshmark
- Shein
- Wanelo
- Wattpad

Emails from Brazilian Leaks
- CulturaAcademica.com.br
- EstanteVirtual.com.br
- Foreverliving.com.br
- Hurb.com.br
- Legendas.tv
- Vakinha.com.br
    thanks for sharing bro........
Thanks for sharing........................
love it bro thanks for the share! absolute mad lad!
thank you so much my friend good job
muito obrigado por compartilhar.
thank you so much my friend good job

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