TXT https://msk.host/
by Jamos1 - September 12, 2021 at 05:38 PM
The entire infrastructure was hacked and servers and user data were accessed.
Most of the servers were irretrievably deleted.
Why did this happen?

We have received many complaints about hosting phishing sites, carding sites, botnets and other crap:

- at the complaint address [email protected] ;

- to Stormwall, which provides Internet access services at [email protected] ;

- Sergey Dugin, the owner of the hosting service qwarta.ru, who profits from operating this hosting service by providing IP addresses ;

- And other people involved in the activities of this hosting service.

No one reacted, turned a blind eye and told us off. We, as well as leading pentesters from CIS countries, are obliged to strike a blow to the infrastructure of this hosting project and clean Runet from such a massive host of nastiness.

Dear clients who hosted the "black" content, all copies of your servers, ipi logins and more are already in our possession and will be handed over to law enforcement.

Dear participants in the activities of this hosting project, we already have your data. IP of every connection and much more. This data, along with that of the customers, will soon be transferred to law enforcement.

> website  https://msk.host/

where you can find the rest
[Image: unknown.png?width=647&height=640]

Nice man! Great catch
Was a really cheap and great vps hoster ...

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