TXT Collection of Accessible Chinese Platforms (FREE)
by AgainstTheWest - November 23, 2021 at 08:36 PM
Hello, ATW here.

We've decided to release some free stuff for everyone to play around with.
We've taken the useful information from the following, so you can all have fun with them :-)

Enjoy & merci :-)

Vulnerable ShitSpoiler - US Defence market Resarch - South Sichuan Port Operation Platform - Incoming personell Per Time / Country / CHINA - Xianju County Public Safety Supervision Center - Haichuang Science and Technology Park - Beidou Operation Platform of Jiangsu Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center - Global cross-border settlement system
Yuanxin Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. = https://hfuu-yjs.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyunc...506242.png (SOME FUCKING ID CARD LMAO) - Property Management shit - Vehicle management platform (vehicle, state, cell phone) - Visualized supervision platform for major projects in Hunan Province
Sports information collection platform -
Shantou City Big Data Display Platform -
"Digital Association for Science and Technology" Data Center -
Chongqing Municipal Health Law Enforcement Online Supervision and Monitoring Platform Data Center -
Nice share, keep at it fellas
very cool share keep up the hard work
cool man,respect!!,keeping go
Nice, thank you!

I don't know how you have the time to do all this but I'm here for it.
New here. You guys are crazy and I'm here for it!

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