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>!>!>!>!>THE GUIDE TO EVERYTHING<!<!<!<!<!<!
(05-08-2016, 08:27 PM)thesecretjew Wrote:  C....can you make a guide on how to theoretically kidnap and molest kids

im genuinely surprised after a year of being gone this is still relevent
nigga i just wanted to know how to fucking touch little boys. Relevance grows with time isnt that what someone somewhere possibly said
(05-20-2016, 08:45 AM)thesecretjew Wrote:  nigga i just wanted to know how to fucking touch little boys. Relevance grows with time isnt that what someone somewhere possibly said

just go to your local church and ask them. They are pro's at this shit

guide to everything 

rule of the trade
rule 1. dont use loic,hoic,ping to ddos. Buy a booter or webserver, do not use free ones.
rule 2. when doxing have standards, dont do 3 line dox's with basically no info on it, heres a quick example i made of a streamer -
rule 3. protect your identity. Use vpn / tor ect we dont want you getting arrested for installing 'sys32' virus on people computer (yes its illigal)
rule 4. never ever give a virus to a clan member or it results in you getting dox'd mercylessly and pizza bombed (order of hundreds of pizzas)
rule 5. try not to warn streamers of the raid or tell them where we are from and use common sense.
rule 420. only use dank memes

Web rtc is a huge problem since it leaks your ip even if you have a vpn on so i suggest you go download a
'web rtc fix' addon for your browser so this dosnt happen.

free vpn's and payed ones
You dont want to use a free one, try and avoid it. If you are short on money though a vpn is better then nothing so use cyberghost 5.
If you have money and are willing to pay 8$ a month for a no log vpn i suggest (get the russian 256 aes(most secure/no ip logs)) also torguard (vpn) works too.

doxing () dont need vpn unless ssn
When doxing refer to rule #2 for example ect.
links to use- - - the ssn sites are illigal, read below
do not enter the sites for ssn 4 bitcoins without vpn and DO NOT USE SAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD AS ALWAYS
Only dox when you are being harrased or have a decent purpose too. Try not to dox randy's as it is a waste of time.
ssn of course is illigal, use vpn's plebs (trusted ones) preferably in russia
refer to this for a decent tutorial - or the raidforums tutorial on doxing.
if you dont plan to release the dox there isnt a point of making a full one, if your just doxing for phone number get their ip location ( and put the results in whitepages for a number and address

ddos () use vpn
refer to rule 1
Lets get this straight, you can not ddos with a tool off your laptop, its impossible.
the only effeciant (non virus) way of doing it is buying a booter service.
The best one on the market right now is i belive and is relitivly cheap.
When convincing someone to do system32 you can get arrested. Distributing malware is illigal, so again, vpn it up.
make sure your skype is unresolvable and undoxable and then your safe to send them the system32 remover (preferably from raidforums program section)

phone calling streamers vpn/google voice


again, vpn for saftey.

Never call the same streamer more then 3 times or its harrasment and can lead to an arrest. Google voice is your best option but they do log calls so try to use a fake gmail for it.


Basic SQLI (database hacking) use vpn


SQLI (sql injection) is essentially hacking into vulnerable databases to get their passwords and maybe be able to get access to their sites admin page.

To sqli you will need python downloaded and also need sqlmap downloaded (all operating systems)

once both of those are done watch this video on basic defacement - the video teaches you basic sqlmap


xss (no programs required) use vpn


There are two types of xss, Reflective and persistant. Persistant is when the xss attack stays and everyone can see it, reflected is when only a person with that link can see it.

Xss is almost in every website regardless of site - - there are ways to secure your site though

Here is a good series on xss -
i really suggest you watch this
Malicious shells () use vpn
A Shell is php code that if someone finds a way to upload to a site its f.
You will have full control over the site. I suggest the c100 shell - - save as .php
You can use both xss and sqli to get into the admin page and upload shells or find your own exploit

Pizza bombing () use vpn/google voice
pizza bombing is essentially ordering thousands of pizzas to the streamers address ect ect.
pizzahut is normally open 24/7 and you can pay in cash so to troll the streamer.
here is a bunch more stuff you can do (do not swat or police raid) -

Swatting () dont use vpn/use personal phone
lol jk go fuck yourself Smileyou want to swat you are ill in the head 
virus detection/malware detection/virtual machines
The main way people detect viruses these days is put it in and see if anything comes up.
NO DONT DO THIS! There are something called crypters that make virus's invisible to anti-vi. What you need to do is
download something called sandboxie - - Once thats done you can right click a program and it will open in an indivisual work enviroment
(meaning it wont effect your main computer) so open the program and close it once its open, if it leaves things behind in sandboxie that wern't there before then its a virus.
heres a better explamation -

note: sandboxie is faster but less secure

sometimes however crypters offer a sandboxie bypass meaning it wont run in sandboxie so download virtual box from here -
and you can watch the tutorial on how to set it up here-
links to all the iso files:
mac osx iso:
Ubuntu iso:
win xp iso:

once you have vbox you can basically open a new computer inside your computer regardless of what you run in the virtual box it wont effect your main PC so you can test for viruses in it ect.

Social Engineering () google voice if call/vpn


what is it? Social engineering, in the context of information security, refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. - google inc.

In dum terms its convincing someone to give you their information they normally wouldnt give out because they think your important.

Most social engineering requires a deeper voice and for you to present authority. for example if im social engineering a streamer i would say im twitch support and you have a virus (think of something more elabrit)
The main goal is try to be convincing and gain their trust. Make them laugh and as quickly as possible become their friend so they trust you with the info.

how to rat (port forwarding vpn prefered)
a good tutorial -

A good free crypter to use - (1/44 atm)


port forwarding


if you know not how to port forward look no further!

Simply open cmd and type ipconfig

look for something called default gateway and put that ip into the internet bar as (http://192.168.x.x)

log into your router and navigate to port forward section (every router diff so look here for support -

Make the private(internall)port and public port the same and in private ip put your ipv4 address shown in cmd

(wasnt very clear on this so navigate to if you have issues)

bricking someones xbox (google voice/vpn)


To Destroy a xbox its actually quite ez. Just open settings

go to system tab

click lb -> rb -> lt -> rt fast

open dev settings

change sandbox id
xbox = ded


Video game development isnt an easy task. However ill try to make it as simple as possible.

First thing you need to do is choose a game engine - is my favorite and the easiest.

( I recommend unreal engine for gears of war type games unity for everything else)

Here is a tutorial series thats pretty good explaining unreal -
(note: his channel is great for unreal engine shit)


Spam Bots () Dont really need vpn

Chat spamming you can do alone or with friends but here is a program i found that seems to be safe

and does exactly what it says

Archiving sites ()
 Archives can be really usefull, for example on 4chan threads can 404 but if you archive it you will have it forever.
To archive a site go to and type a link into 'site you want to archive' and it will do the rest for you.
Its good for storing things that might go away after awhile.


How to make fake payments () use vpn/googlevoice

 Fake payments are when you charge something without actually charging money. 
People do this to donate 100$ to a streamer just for it not to be real or spam text 2 speech donations.
How you do it is make a virtual card online with like 5$ on it (you can get a 'masked' card here- >
or you can use a prepaid (in cash ofc) card.

doing it through paypal is a bit tougher. you need to charge the money, then call paypal and say to not charge it so it dosnt go through.
Its much more risky.


password cracking (hash)

Password cracking is quite ez these days.
All you need to do is download hashcat from here -
since that takes such a long time though i more automated process to use is this -
it has 300 billion passwords cracked, just put in your hash and hit enter and it will spit out a password.
heres a quick hashcat tutorial -
i suggest using hashkiller before that though.

port scanning (vpn)

 To portscan its actually quite simple. You can grab a graphical version of nmap from and its pretty self explanatory, type in the host/ip at the top. Select scan method (intense is best) then scan! However some sites use IDE's to prevent port scanning so every like once in ten thousand you might com across that kind of situation. Enjoy!


have morality
Have some respect and empathy for the person. yes you can troll them but dont push them to suicide. thats not k.
i read this guide from last commend.Looks good.
sh00t now i don't know how to do everything because you removed it
Thank you for "reupload" Vanissery
how to hack runescape accounts?
thank you so much for this post man.
great post (what the fuck?)
How come this guide got removed?
Niceness mate, thanks for the guide/guides

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