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Propapanda TV: Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak to us. Who are Le Toucan Team and what do you stand for?

Le Toucan Team: Thanks a lot for having us! We are all really excited. Your questions will be answered and discussed with multiple Toucans. Le Toucan Team is a Twitch-raiding group that is made up of people all around the world. Our symbol is the Toucan.

Propapanda TV: How do you join the Le Toucan Team? Is there a process or initiation?

Le Toucan Team: Anyone can get involved with our team, you have to understand there is a thick layer of trust each of us have for one another. I’m (sk3l3tor) and I personally trust my Toucans with my vital credentials for various services. If we can’t confirm WHO you are then we won’t accept you. As a Toucan, anonymity is not an option. We want to know about you and what you can do for us.

Propapanda TV: How did you get involved?

Le Toucan Team:

Xaotic:I personally got involved by developing quite decent Twitch Raiding Tools and Le Toucans hit me up shortly after. I’m glad I got into the most cooperative and most advanced team. They said they would pay double for blowjobs as well!

Amida: I got involved after finding out about Twitch Raiding on YouTube. I thought raiding was fun, so I looked for a team. Luckily I found Le Toucan Team. Ever since then I have learnt many things which I don’t regret.

Swagrid: I came across a video on YouTube, which led me to a Tinychat room full of raiders. After a while people made a forum and I went on that website. Then I came across 2 teams. One team called Sir Klan and the other called Le Toucan Team. At the time I didn’t like Sir Klan (Now we are cool :-). And I did really like Le Toucan Team. I wrote them a message and they recruited me for a Graphic Designer.

Apollo: I started to become interested in Twitch raiding through YouTube. I decided it was something I wanted to do so I had a look through the current teams and Le Toucan Team seemed like a good choice. I started talking in the Steam chat, then on the TeamSpeak and things just kind of took off from then.

sk3l3tor: I’ve been with Le Toucans since day one. I sort of just gave them advice and never thought I’d be as involved as I am today. I’m sort of the unspoken leader of the group, but leading isn’t really my strong point. I like to inspire them with new ways of attacking the issues we have on hand.

Propapanda TV: Why would someone want to join Le Toucan Team? Are there any benefits?

Le Toucan Team: What we do is simply fun. Almost everything we do is just for keks. Of course there are requirements. You have to be dedicated and you have to be able to learn new things. Part of the benefit of being a Raider is that you learn things that you never thought would be possible. Dedication is rewarded.

Propapanda TV: How do you choose your targets?

Le Toucan Team: We started searching for kids to troll in the Minecraft section all the way at the bottom of Twitch because people would never go to those streams, so they would always be dead and waiting for people to talk to them. After Twitch Raiding became public it became harder and harder to troll people in the Minecraft section because random trolls would walk into to the chat and ask for their Skype information out of nowhere. This made it harder for us to troll people.

Propapanda TV: The video of you convincing a 13 year old boy to Microwave his own Laptop has received over 100,000 views on YouTube. Do you feel that the upset caused to the boy and his family was worth it?

Le Toucan Team: It was so worth it. We have received so much attention because of it and we are currently enjoying the situation.

Propapanda TV: How did you feel about the VICE article and the thousands of negative comments you received online?

Le Toucan Team: To be quite honest, we didn’t care. We’ve received hate since the first day. I suppose we are immune to it now.

Propapanda TV: Have the negative comments made you feel differently about Trolling people in the future?

Le Toucan Team: Well, people have their own opinion on Twitch raiding. Some people find it’s hilarious and some people think it’s a disgrace to humanity. We attempt to deliver content to people who think it is funny, deliver content which will try and make someone’s miserable day get better. We tend to read over the negative comments and carry on with our day.

Propapanda TV: Does it frustrate you that people went out of their way to condemn your actions when there are more serious issues going on in the world?

Le Toucan Team: Usually the people who criticise what we do sit around on Facebook for hours every night, looking at what their friends had for lunch and proceed to cry about serious problems in the world without taking any action. Because of this, we don’t take any notice.

Propapanda TV: Do you get paranoid that there will be repercussions for your actions? Do you worry about the authorities or any other kind of retaliation?

Le Toucan Team: Not really, we know how to stay secure on the internet, but you never know.

Propapanda TV: Why did you target the particular kid in the video?

Le Toucan Team: He looked like an easy target. Raids go down best if you go for the low hanging fruit.

Propapanda TV: Was there any point during the video when you thought you may have gone too far?

Le Toucan Team: Of course everyone has at least a little morality in them. I felt bad at some point but really, as harsh as it sounds, we wouldn’t have stopped, although microwaving a battery is really dangerous, we try not to keep them microwaving it for too long.

Propapanda TV: Have you heard from the boy or his family since you trolled him?

Le Toucan Team: In our video his mom commented to take the video down, other than that we have never heard one more time from him.

Propapanda TV: Do you regret what you did to him?

Le Toucan Team: There is a little regret. Regret at how he wasn’t educated. In order to survive as a Twitch Raider, you must abandon all emotions.

Propapanda TV: Do your friends and family know what you did to him?

Le Toucan Team: Some friends might know about it, but personally we don’t really share information with family to avoid stress. Some people feel bad about it and some people adore it. I do not have to hide myself from my friends on the internet but if there’s a situation where I have to, I use an alternative alias.

Propapanda TV: How would you feel if someone did something like this to a young boy who you cared about?

Le Toucan Team: Let’s be honest here. What parent would leave their 13-14 year old child home alone, streaming on Twitch at night. They don’t have supervision, they are free to do anything. If any Toucan were to have a child. We would teach them the basics. Basics like not putting electronics in Microwaves.

Propapanda TV: If you could say one thing to the Boy and his family now. What would you say?

Le Toucan Team: Electronics and Microwaves don’t mix. Neither does stupidity or lack of parental supervision. Where would we be without it though?

Propapanda TV: You guys are clearly very skilled and talented at what you do. Some people would say that you could use these skills for good. What would you say to them?

Le Toucan Team: We do use our knowledge for good, coding services for people to use and enjoy. But, we do use our skills to wreak havoc on people too. In our own opinion, we think that the bad side of things are more fun. On the other hand, if someone wanted something coded, lets say a website for example, we would happily do so.

Propapanda TV: Society has a clear view of what is deemed to be positive and negative, do you ever use your skills in a “positive” way?

Le Toucan Team: Well we have a bundle of ability’s here in Le Toucan Team. We have video editors, social engineers, coders and server administrators etc. Yes, we have created things in the past which aren’t negative. But the thing we want to achieve is putting a smile on someone’s face, that’s what we see positive at this very moment in time. We are all sure that the laughs from the viewer’s vastly outweigh the losses of the target. In all cases.

Propapanda TV: The question that everyone wants to know is… Why do you Troll people?

Le Toucan Team: It really is fun to do. Our team is not the right place for morality. If we weren’t trolling, we’d probably be addicted to crack or porn.

Propapanda TV: Thanks a lot for your time, I really appreciate it! Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Le Toucan Team: Thanks a lot for the interview, we loved to answer your questions! Only one thing left to say: Propapanda TV is awesome! May I request a fresh dank meme?

Propapanda TV: Of course! How’s this…
[Image: propapanda-danke-meme.jpg]

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