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T411 has been closed
One of the biggest french Torrent Tracker, T411 has been closed.

This closure has involved many European governments and it would seem that this is only the beginning. 

It is a pity that so much knowledge is lost. 

Do you think that we should really care about all these closure? Do governments really have the power to take control of internet?
KAT/TPB (initially, not anymore)/

rip in pepperonis so much lost info (porn)
Here is a big question mark 

؟؟؟؟ ?????
rip in pepperonis so much lost info (porn)
I don't think gov has the power to take control of the internet, but I believe they has it to the clear net, as long as they want.
such a big loss for the internet!! this site was pure gold
don't know where to find the torrents I used to look for on t411

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