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T-Shirt Submission
I though if RaidForums had an actual merch shop, quite a few people would buy shirts and stuff to wear in public as long as they don't have a shit ton of curse words and didn't have pepes spread like shit through them, so I decided to make a basic tee and hoped to get a few responses on what you though. This is kind of a rough draft of a shirt, but it would only improve. Who knows, maybe pred will add a shop?

Shirt v.1
[Image: PMedcR2.png]

I have no clue if the picture will show up on the post or not, but if it doesn't then click this link.
10/10 would wear
(08-20-2015, 10:51 AM)thekingwazoo Wrote:  10/10 would wear

9/11 would gas again
9/11 would wear whilst flying a plane into a tower gg
Amazing, Perfect to wear this if you're in a tower hit by a plane

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